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the Moroccan Sahara

Desert tours from M’hamid El Ghizlane.

The Sahara

Walking through unlimited space of the Sahara, watching the landscape changing, meeting other caravans, making tajines on fire, baking fresh bread in hot sands, having lunch in the shade of the palm trees… This is the beauty and simplicity you can experience on our desert trips into the Moroccan Sahara.

Our guides understand desert laws and know every path here – their families have been living here for generations. They will guide you through the desert, allowing to enjoy the pure experience.

Do not look further if you are looking for a safe, responsible way to explore the Sahara.

Morocco desert

Our desert tours are far from main stream tourism. Any journey you plan with us will be arranged in deep respect to desert laws – its peace and serenity, and local culture. Every trip is carefully tailored to your calendar and interests, with regard to safety and comfort of all participants. We can create a new plan, or you may choose from our guests’ favourite itineraries.

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Into the wild

Camel trekking desert tours, Morocco

From €70 per person

Live a life of a nomad for some time during this journey to the very roots of the Saharawi culture. Walk with nomads and their camels, learn to cook tajines on the fire and bake bread in hot ashes, fall asleep under the Saharan sky, play drums, ride a camel, enjoy the peaceful time in the desert.

Offroad adventure

Jeep safari: desert tours by 4x4, Morocco

From €80 per person
Reach the furthest, wild areas of the Moroccan desert in a short time, enjoying the off-road adventure. Ride a camel, visit nomads and Sacred Oasis, drive a Paris-Dakar route and the Draa Hamada. Drive through all types of the desert’s terrain to collect unforgettable memories.

Desert in a nutshell

Camel trekking & jeep safari tours, Morocco

From €150 for person
Experience the best of both nomadic culture and the beauty of the wild Sahara in its most remote areas. Camel caravan with wild camping followed by driving deeper by a 4x4 vehicle is an all-embracing journey that will satisfy your curiosity of both desert’s nature and culture.

and People

In the heart of our company lies Desert Camp Chraika, base for our trips. It also serves as a unique retreat center. It is located a 15 minute walk from village M’hamid, in an area of small dunes.

Our clay huts with comfy beds and traditional Saharawi decoration will keep you cool in the day and warm at night. Camp’s surroundings offer tranquility and interesting places for walks: sand dunes, palm grove, old kasbahs and also new M’hamid village.


Desert Camp Chraika

Our tours start and end at Desert Camp Chraika, our base camp. It is located a 20 minute walk from village M’hamid, in the area of small dunes. Who comes to stay with us, wakes up to the view of sand dunes, enjoys Moroccan breakfast served in warm morning sunshine and...

Agata Orowiecka-Khidouma

Agata Orowiecka-Khidouma is a cultural anthropologist with years of experience in organising culture trips and travel management. Originally from Warsaw, Poland, travelled the world for many years, staying for longer in north Scotland, India and now - Morocco. Meet...

Mohamed Khidouma aka Chraika

Mohamed, also known as Chraika, embodies the the spirit and heart of Desert Stories – an initiator and custodian of the flame, possessing both visionary leadership and exceptional culinary skills, often recognized as Chef Moha.Embark on a journey led by Chraika, a...

Desert Camp Chraika

Started in 2004 from just one small tent, Desert Camp Chraika gradually grew into a proper base camp for any trip deeper in the desert.


Agata Orowiecka—Khidouma

A curious cultural anthropologist, traveler with years of experience in hospitality. Get in touch and she will help you planning your journey and lead through the booking process.


Mohamed Khidouma aka Chraika

The spirit of Desert Stories. Fire starter and fire keeper.
An experienced guide to the Sahara. He will arrange all that’s needed for your desert journey. 

Welcome to the journey.

Desert retreats 

The serenity of wild nature and incredible kindness of desert people grant not only unforgettable memories, but also allow a transformative inner journey.

Retreats at Desert Camp Chraika

With its clay-wooden huts blending into the sand dunes and a large yoga hall, Desert Camp Chraika creates a unique space for practices like yoga, meditation, self-development and dance for groups up to 20 persons.
In free time between classes you can explore the old casbah with its ancestral shrines, experience a bath in a local hammam, learn to cook a delicious tajine, enjoy live music played by nomads around the fire or admire the mastery of henna art while it’s being painted on your hands by a local artist.

Retreats including desert tours

Add an exceptional journey to the wildest areas of the Moroccan desert. Walk barefoot with nomads, ride a camel or hop on a jeep, enjoy the taste of tajine cooked on a campfire and bread baked in hot sands, fall asleep watching the stars and wake up to the sun rising above the dunes… As a nomadic saying goes: everything is possible in the desert. And so is in the course of our individually tailored retreats. Feel free to contact us to plan yours.


Said about Camp Chraika

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Blog about the desert

Welcome to our blog where we share practical information on desert culture and nature, as well as on how to get ready for a desert expedition.

How to pack for a desert tour

To make your desert experience smooth and relaxed, we gathered most important information on how to get ready in one article. For more, please feel free to contact us!What is the best time for a desert tourBest months for desert tours are October, November, March and...

Desert culture: kindness

In the challenging Sahara desert climate, the highest virtue is mutual kindness. It lies at the very foundation of desert culture. Every person you meet is considered a friend.The demanding climate of the Sahara has also shaped its beautiful culture. In extreme...

Desert culture: greetings

Desert conversations begin with a long, warmhearted exchange of good wishes, blessings and words of gratitude. Saying all these words is a principal rule of the desert culture.Desert culture: how to say "hello" Every conversation in the Sahara starts with a long...

Tajine: how to buy a perfect Moroccan tajine

Tajines, traditional North African cookware, are renowned for their unique design and ability to create delicious, slow-cooked meals.When it comes to elevating your culinary experience and adding a touch of Moroccan flavor to your dishes, investing in a high-quality...

Moroccan tea – a journey into tradition

Drinking Moroccan tea is like a sensory journey; it is a drink that transcends its humble origins to become a symbol of tradition, hospitality, and cultural richness.A small glass of well prepared atay feels like an energy shot, especially in hot days. Renowned for...

Tajine unveiled: Morocco’s culinary gem

Embark on a gastronomic journey as we delve into the rich and aromatic world of Moroccan tajine, a culinary masterpiece deeply rooted in the heart of traditional cuisine.In the following article, we will delve into the secrets, flavors, and cultural significance of...

Erg, reg, hamada: types of terrain in the desert

The Sahara has many faces and its landscape is changing every hour when you walk through it. It may be just a few hour walk between an erg - area solely covered by sand dunes, a reg - soft, flat surface, and a hamada - rocky terrain.What is hamada? Some of desert...

Animals of the desert: unveiling the rich wildlife of arid landscape

Dive into the world of desert animals in the Moroccan desert, where golden sands and rugged landscapes harbor captivating wildlife. Discover the diversity of these unique creatures in our guide.The Moroccan desert, with its vast stretches of golden sand and rugged...

Erg Chegaga or Erg Zahar

Natural beauty of both ergs: Chegaga and Zahar will not leave you indifferent. Check which one will be you favourite.Erg Chegaga: acitivies among vast sand dunes Erg Chegaga is featured in every Morocco travel guide as the largest expanse of sand dunes in the country....

Desert tour activities

Activities in Morocco's desert offer a rich array of experiences suited to various interests. Whether you're in search of adventure, cultural immersion, or the serene beauty of natural landscapes, an exploration of the Moroccan desert reveals a realm of wonders...

Desert tour activities

The Sahara Desert is a highlight of most journeys to Morocco. Ride a camel to the dune tip for a captivating sunset view, or walk along with nomads. Experience Berber music and dance by a campfire under the stars. Rest in a nomadic tent at the dune’s base to complete the magic of desert adventure.


Erg Chegaga or Erg Zahar? 

Natural beauty of both ergs will not leave you indifferent. There are some differences though – more popular Chegaga offers the whole infrastructure, while Zahar stays wild, almost untouched by human influence. 

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How to get
to Desert Camp Chraika?

The camp is located a 15 minute walk North from M’hamid. The village is well connected to major cities: Marrakech and Agadir. If you travel by bus, there are detailed schedules on companies’ websites: and There is a direct bus service between Marrakesh and M’hamid. The buses are air-conditioned, with seat location and comfortable, usually with two stops for meals on the way.

You will also find direct bus connections and flights to Zagora, a town 90 km before M’hamid. From Zagora it is easy to get a shared taxi. To get from either the bus station or the airport to a taxi stand, it is best to take a ‘petit taxi’. We can also arrange a private pick-up for you – simply contact us if you need any assistance.