Agata Orowiecka-Khidouma

Agata Orowiecka-Khidouma is a cultural anthropologist with years of experience in organising culture trips and travel management. Originally from Warsaw, Poland, travelled the world for many years, staying for longer in north Scotland, India and now – Morocco.


Meet Agata Orowiecka-Khidouma

Agata is a person whom you get in touch with. She will answer your inquiries and create the best, personalised itinerary of your Moroccan journey. She will investigate your interests and needs to tailor your desert tour and wider: plan for the whole Moroccan trip. As much as planning journey is her favourite task, she is also in charge of all online tasks at Desert Stories, stands behind social media profiles and builds budgets of all tours up to 18 persons.

Agata’s journey to M’hamid El Ghizlane

Roots of the desert Odyssey

Originally from Warsaw, Poland, Agata’s journey has taken her across the continents. With a passion for exploration, she has traversed diverse landscapes, spent significant time in landscapes of North Scotland, where rugged beauty meets rich history. She then immersed herself in the vibrant tapestry of India, experiencing its cultural diversity firsthand. Both during her travels and returns to Warsaw in between journeys, she gathered experience in managing hostels and front desks in smaller and bigger companies.

Desert becoming home

Currently, Agata calls Morocco her home. In January 2015, as she arrived in Maghreb, her life took an extraordinary turn. Intrigued by the unknown, she and her friend, seated in a Marrakech café, unfolded a map and discovered M’hamid El Ghizlane in Southern Morocco – an alluring oasis town where the road ends and the vastness of the Sahara begins. This was when these curious travellers have made an instant decision to venture into the heart of the desert.

After navigating through the chilling heights of the High Atlas mountains, Agata found herself in the warm embrace of the Sahara. Sitting under the African sun with fruit cocktail in hand, she felt home.

Agata Orowiecka-Khidouma: bridging cultures through experience

Amidst the dunes and endless sands, Agata’s journey took an unexpected turn – she felt a strong soul connection with Mohamed. Together, soon they embarked on develop the company which Mohamed has already been building since several years. Agata took charge of communication and promotion. Occasionally donning the hat of a nomadic-to-world translator, she bridges the gap between languages and cultures. Agata’s expertise extends beyond traditional roles, blending cultural insights and travel organisation skills. That reflect Agata’s passion for exploring the world and connecting with diverse cultures.