Choose from various ideas for desert tours: camel trekking
or jeep safari, wild camping
or glamping; staying in the desert for just for one, three, five or more nights. Everything is possible in the desert. Below you will find all information needed to start creating your own unforgettable desert story.



Choose your desert tour type:

Into the wild

Camel trekking desert tours, Morocco

From €70 per person

Live a life of a nomad for some time during this journey to the very roots of the Saharawi culture. Walk with nomads and their camels, learn to cook tajines on the fire and bake bread in hot ashes, fall asleep under the Saharan sky, play drums, ride a camel, enjoy the peaceful time in the desert.

Offroad adventure

Jeep safari: desert tours by 4x4, Morocco

From €80 per person
Reach the furthest, wild areas of the Moroccan desert in a short time, enjoying the off-road adventure. Ride a camel, visit nomads and Sacred Oasis, drive a Paris-Dakar route and the Draa Hamada. Drive through all types of the desert’s terrain to collect unforgettable memories.

Desert in a nutshell

Camel trekking & jeep safari tours, Morocco

From €150 for person
Experience the best of both nomadic culture and the beauty of the wild Sahara in its most remote areas. Camel caravan with wild camping followed by driving deeper by a 4x4 vehicle is an all-embracing journey that will satisfy your curiosity of both desert’s nature and culture.

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