Walking in a camel caravan followed by exploring the most remote, wild places on a jeep safari allows for a rich desert experience. Both nomadic culture and untouched nature will be discovered. 

Camel caravan & jeep safari desert tours

Camel caravan & jeep safari as one package

A “desert in a nutshell” itinerary may include one or more days of camel trekking plus one or more days driving by jeep. Combining both ways of exploring the desert is a crème de la crème of the desert experience. Not only will you have a chance to walk on all kinds of desert’s terrain, live a nomad’s life for some time, ride a camel, cook on the fire, sleep under the Saharan sky but also you will reach the most remote places, rarely visited by people. Also, you will have a unique opportunity to enjoy a glass of tea with nomadic family in their desert home, try sand boarding and immerse in the beauty of desert sunsets.

Camel trekking and jeep tours from Mhamid

Here is a short list of travelers’ favourite itineraries:

Before you set off – check how to pack for a desert adventure!

Into the wild

&Erg Chegaga

1-day/1-night camel caravan
& 1-day/1-night jeep safari

From €160 for person

For those who don’t have much time, we offer a short yet rich trip showing the best of the best in just two days.

Camel trekking to the dunes of Bertam (day 1)

The camel trekking begins at Desert Camp Chraika in the afternoon. It is about 2 hours of walking to the wild dunes of Bertam where your guides will set up a camp for the night. Who would get tired can ride a camel, too.

Sunset in the dunes, campfire and tajines

In the evening, after enjoying the sunset in the dunes, you will have delicious dinner, prepared on the camp fire – harira soup, tajine and freshly baked in hot sand Saharan bread. Afterwords you will enjoy fruit dessert, Moroccan tea and good company of your guides, while sitting around the fire.
The night will be spent in big nomadic tents.

Jeep tour to Erg Chegaga (day 2)

After breatfast and about a 30-minute walk you will meet your driver. He will take you further by a 4×4 vehicle to the greatest dunes of Erg Chegaga.

Sacred Oasis and tea with nomads

Before getting to the great dunes you will visit an oasis and a nomadic family in their settlement. If they are home, surely they will treat us with a glass of sweet, strong tea. It is a rare opportunity to meet people who are still able to live traditional nomadic life. As it is said, there are only about 20 families living in the desert.

Her majesty Erg Chegaga

After arriving in Erg Chegaga, you will have lunch, followed by the whole afternoon of free time. You may want to do hiking, sand boarding, or a camel ride into the dunes. After coming back from watching the sunset, your hosts will serve tasty dinner, consisting of traditional nomadic dishes. Later into the night, they will start a camp fire, play drums and sing desert blues songs around it.

This night will be spent in a comfortable, permanent camp, offering tents with beds, hot shower and toilets in a separate building.

The tour ends at Desert Camp Chraika on the third day by noon.


Into the wild

Erg Zahar & Chegaga

2-day/2-night camel caravan +
1-day/1-night jeep safari

From €290 for person

This desert tour includes 2 days of walking in a camel caravan, 4-6 hours a day, to Erg Zahar National Park, followed by jeep safari to Erg Chegaga. It starts at 9 am at Desert Camp Chraika and ends by noon on day 4.

Camel trekking to Sidi Naji (day 1)

On the first day of trekking the distance is about 14 k, which in desert conditions means an about 4-hour trek. We can either stop for lunch on the way, or go straight to the place of night camping and eat there. The second option allows more time for a visit in ruins of an ancient town, Sidi Naji, and a marabou there (tomb/shrine). This night will be spend in tents among small wild dunes with green tamarisk trees.

Camel trekking continues to Erg Zahar (day 2)

The second day of trekking covers about 16 k and includes a stop for lunch and rest. Once in Erg Zahar, it is worth to climb the highest dune to admire breathtaking views at the sunset time. Your guides will set up a camp nearby, at the foot of this dune. At night they will bake bread in hot sand and prepare tajines on the camp fire.

Jeep safari to Erg Chegaga (day 3)

From Erg Zahar a jeep will take you towards incredible Erg Chegaga, with a stop in an oasis and at a nomads’ family for a glass of tea. After checking in to the camp and lunch, you will have the whole afternoon for exploring. You may try sand boarding, camel riding, or simply walk into the dunes.

The night in Erg Chegaga

After the sunset, your hosts will serve a wholesome dinner (soup, tajines and fruit dessert) and play live music around the fire. You will stay in tents with comfortable beds. The camp offers hot shower and toilets in a separate building.

Into the wild

Sacred Oasis & Erg Chegaga

3-day/3-night camel trekking to Erg Chegaga
+ return by jeep

From €380 for person

This 3-day camel trekking is a beautiful journey to the most spectacular desert area in Morocco – Erg Chegaga. It starts at 9 am at Desert Camp Chraika and ends by noon on the fourth day.

Walking along with camels (days 1-3)

While these 3 days of trekking our guides will lead you through scenic places – regs, hamadas, oasis, dry riverbeds, wells. You will walk a total distance of around 55 k, divided in three days. Each day you will be stopping for lunch on the way, enjoyiong meals in a deep shade of ancient tamarisk or palm trees.

Desert accommodation during camel trekking

2 nights of wild camping

During the first 2 nights, both spent in tents, you will dive into the desert’s culture. Your guides will prepare meals on the camp fire and cook bread in hot sand when needed. You may want to get invlolved in searching wood for the fire or finding camels before it gets dark. You may become a nomad for some time.

Last night in a comfortable camp

The last night is a reward after the hardships of a 3-day march. You will sleep in a comfortable, permanent camp with hot showers and toilets at the feet of the great Chegaga dunes. Optionally, it can be also arranged in form of wild camping.

Try a different journey:

Into the wild

Camel trekking desert tours, Morocco

From €70 per person

Live a life of a nomad for some time during this journey to the very roots of the Saharawi culture. Walk with nomads and their camels, learn to cook tajines on the fire and bake bread in hot ashes, fall asleep under the Saharan sky, play drums, ride a camel, enjoy the peaceful time in the desert.

Offroad adventure

Jeep safari: desert tours by 4x4, Morocco

From €80 per person
Reach the furthest, wild areas of the Moroccan desert in a short time, enjoying the off-road adventure. Ride a camel, visit nomads and Sacred Oasis, drive a Paris-Dakar route and the Draa Hamada. Drive through all types of the desert’s terrain to collect unforgettable memories.

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