On our jeep safari you will have a chance to visit remote places, abandoned villages, local shrines, oasis and national wildlife reserves. Driving through wild areas of the Sahara is an adventurous, yet relaxed way of exploring desert’s beauty. 

Jeep safari

4×4 jeep safari

Driving by a 4×4 jeep allows to explore the most remote places in a short time. Also, it is a perfect way of discovering wild nature for those who are not so much into hiking. Each tour starts and ends in Desert Camp Chraika near an oasis town M’hamid El Ghizlane. From there there are hundreds of kilometres of untouched nature to explore.

Our desert tours by jeep

Choose from the most frequently booked expeditions, or create you own one! Here are travellers’ favourite itineraries that can serve either as an inspiration, or a ready-to-go plans:

Desert landscapes on a jeep tour in Morocco

During even just a one-day trip you will visit mighty dunes, green oasis, wells where gazelles, camels, fennec foxes and crows are frequent guests, meadows of wild rocket near Erg Chegaga, as well as areas of smaller dunes full of green tamarisk trees. You will watch the landscape changing, walk on all kinds of desert terrain: ergs, regs and hamadas visit ancient shrines, abandoned houses and military posts.

Accommodation on a desert safari

During a longer jeep safari it is possible to plan some stays in permanent camps, however, there are not so many of them in this part of the Sahara, so most nights will be spent camping in the wild.
In both options – more wild and more luxurious – lunches are cooked and served in shade of palm or tamarisk trees. Dinners are served by the fire or in a dining hall when staying in a permanent camp. Anyway, delicious nomadic cuisine will be your every day treat. Cooking tajines and baking bread in hot sands are an unforgettable part of the experience.

Before you set off, check how to pack for a desert expedition!


Offroad adventures

One night in the desert: Erg Chegaga

Jeep tour to Erg Chegaga

From €80 per person

Erg Chegaga by jeep: discover the desert in 24 hours

This expedition is a relatively short, yet rich journey showcasing the best in just 24 hours. At 10 in the morning, we set off by jeep towards the vast dunes of Erg Chegaga, situated 60 km away, approximately a 1.5-hour jeep ride.

Sacred Oasis and tea with nomads

En route, we will make a stop at an oasis known as Sacred Oasis, where you can witness a flowing water source. We will also visit a nearby nomadic family. It is said that only about 20 families are capable of sustaining themselves living in the desert.

Afternoon amidst the Erg Chegaga dunes

In the afternoon, we arrive at the campsite in Erg Chegaga, where the hosts will serve lunch. The rest of the afternoon will be dedicated to relaxation and exploring the desert. Alternatively, the excursion can be organized as wild camping, meaning the guides will set up a wilderness camp and prepare meals.

Camel ride and sandboarding

You will witness an unforgettable sunset spectacle – people from around the world come here for this view. Part of the journey to the highest dune will be on a camel, and then you’ll climb to the summit. It’s a time for discovery, relaxation, and capturing the beauty of the surroundings.

Moroccan cuisine delicacies and campfire evening

Indulge in exquisite Moroccan dishes: a light harira soup and savory tagines. Experience an unforgettable evening by the campfire, where nomads gather with drums, singing the desert blues.

Night among the Erg Chegaga dunes

You’ll spend the night in one of the spacious, comfortable tents at the Erg Chegaga camp, equipped with cozy beds and mattresses. In the alternative version with wild camping, it will be in a large nomadic tent.

In the morning, after breakfast, we embark on the return journey, aiming to be back at Desert Camp Chraika by noon the next day.

Offroad adventures

Jeep safari with wild camping
3-day desert tour

3-day round tour
Erg Chegaga, Sacred Oasis & more

From €250 per person

Jeep safari with 2 nights of wild camping

Embark on an unforgettable journey covering 300 kilometers of scenic driving through untouched wilderness, coupled with an immersive experience of 2 nights of wild camping. The tour begins at 10 am at Desert Camp Chraika.

Hidden gems: dry lake, oasis and abandoned towns

Take part in an exhilarating adventure as you drive through the dry bottom of the Iriqui Lake, once part of the iconic Paris-Dakar race route. Explore an oasis, abandoned desert towns, and sacred shrines, showcasing the diverse landscapes. Immerse yourself in nomadic culture with a visit to a family living near the Sacred Oasis, where you’ll enjoy a glass of strong, sweet tea and dates from the nearby palm trees.

Wild camping spots on a jeep safari

The exact plan is yet to be created – tailored to your interests. Apart from the renowned Erg Chegaga dunes, perhaps the serene Erg Zahar Wild Nature Reserve would be an interesting place. Equally captivating are charms of Erg Smar, Sidi Naji, Erg Sadra, or any other area chosen from our proposals that will be accessible by jeep at the time of your trip. Simply contact us and we will provide you with inspiring ideas to create the most suitable plan.

Into the wild

Jeep safari with wild camping
5-day desert tour

Over 500 k offroad
through the desert

From €400 per person

Discover the desert wilderness

Imagine 500 kilometres driving off-road through desert wilderness, stopping at the most interesting, remote places. Such a tour creates a wonderful opportunity to watch the wildlife, too.The tour starts at 10 am at Desert Camp Chraika and ends on the 5th day late afternoon.

Hidden treasures: ruins, shrines, desert villages, and more

Among the most intriguing spots will be ruins of ancient towns, local shrines, abandoned villages and farm fields, wells, riverbeds, oasis, nature reserves and vast areas of ergs. You will also drive through The Iriqui Lake and parts of the Paris-Dakkar route.

Tailored for you: customized itinerary based on your preferences

We are happy to propose and discuss the exact plan of this tour once we receive your inquiry, hence it will depend on your interests and which season your tour will take place. We usually include spending one night in mighty Erg Chegaga dunes.

Enchanting highlights: wild camping, bread baking, sunsets

Evenly appealing highlights of this tour will be camping wild, baking bread in hot sand, sunsets in the high dunes, camp fire, live music (drums), camel rides and more.

Try a different journey:

Into the wild

Camel trekking desert tours, Morocco

From €70 per person

Live a life of a nomad for some time during this journey to the very roots of the Saharawi culture. Walk with nomads and their camels, learn to cook tajines on the fire and bake bread in hot ashes, fall asleep under the Saharan sky, play drums, ride a camel, enjoy the peaceful time in the desert.

Desert in a nutshell

Camel trekking & jeep safari tours, Morocco

From €150 for person
Experience the best of both nomadic culture and the beauty of the wild Sahara in its most remote areas. Camel caravan with wild camping followed by driving deeper by a 4x4 vehicle is an all-embracing journey that will satisfy your curiosity of both desert’s nature and culture.

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