Erg Chegaga or Erg Zahar

Natural beauty of both ergs: Chegaga and Zahar will not leave you indifferent. Check which one will be you favourite.

Erg Chegaga
Erg Zahar

Erg Chegaga: acitivies among vast sand dunes

Erg Chegaga is featured in every Morocco travel guide as the largest expanse of sand dunes in the country. The breathtaking panoramic views spanning over 500 square kilometres of sand make for an unforgettable sight. The daily shows of sunsets and sunrises draw an audience from around the world.

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There are various activities to choose from, including jeep, quad, and camel rides, as well as sandboarding. As the day winds down, anticipate lively evening parties with live music at approximately 20 stationary camps, located around the sand dunes area. Erg Chegaga, with its well-developed infrastructure, is vibrant, bustling with life, and attracts a diverse crowd. 

The journey from our camp near M’hamid to Erg Chegaga can be accomplished through a 3-4 day trek on foot or a 1.5-hour ride by jeep.

Erg Zahar Wild Nature Reserve

However, if what you are searching for in the desert is tranquillity, we will take you to a place that you will not find in travel guides. The natural wild reserve of Erg Zahar is hardly accessible by car, therefore to enjoy it, we recommend a 4-day trekking roundtrip. It is definitely worth getting there – sand dunes area is smaller than Erg Chegaga, but the landscape is almost untouched by human.

As a national park, Erg Zahar is protected by law and it is not possible to build permanent camps there, not ride quads. Since one can use mobile shower only and wild toilette, one stays close to wild nature all the time.

Erg Chegaga or Erg Zahar – which one to choose

In conclusion, while Erg Chegaga stands out as the vibrant and bustling desert destination featured in Morocco travel guides, offering activities and infrastructure, Erg Zahar Wild Nature Reserve provides a more serene and untouched desert experience.

The smaller sand dunes of Erg Zahar, coupled with its protected status as a national park, make it an ideal choice for those seeking tranquility and a closer connection to unspoiled nature. Whether one opts for the lively atmosphere of Erg Chegaga or the peaceful retreat of Erg Zahar, both desert locales offer unique and unforgettable experiences in Morocco. Both can be also joined in one tour – desert in a nutshell: camel caravan to Erg Zahar & jeep safari to Erg Chegaga.

Exploring the Sahara from M’hamid El Ghizlane

Sahara explored from M’hamid El Ghizlane is more than only big sand dunes areas, although for many they are a key attribute. The region also unfolds a landscapes with rocky plateaus, ancient oases, and captivating greener sceneries, offering a rich and diverse desert experience.

Everything is possible in the desert – goes a nomadic saying. Erg Chegaga and Erg Zahar are just examples of places which are, in our opinion, the most worth visiting. Check our desert tours itineraries, or create your own, to write your own unforgettable desert story.