Mohamed Khidouma aka Chraika

Mohamed, also known as Chraika, embodies the the spirit and heart of Desert Stories – an initiator and custodian of the flame, possessing both visionary leadership and exceptional culinary skills, often recognized as Chef Moha.


Embark on a journey led by Chraika, a seasoned Sahara guide, and founder of Desert Camp Chraika. His expertise and deep connection to the desert promise a unique and immersive experience.

Early years in the desert

Nomadic roots and childhood adventures

As the eldest son in a nomadic family, Mohamed spent his formative years in the heart of the desert. From a young age, he explored every corner, riding donkeys, and collecting wood for his family. This laid the foundation for his intimate knowledge of the Moroccan desert.

Building Desert Camp Chraika

From tent to Oasis

In 2005, Mohamed began the journey of creating his camp with a single tent. Witness the evolution of this oasis under his care and vision, as it grew to become a haven for those seeking an authentic Sahara experience.

Mohamed Khidouma, a certified Sahara Guide

Expertise and formal recognition

Driven by passion, Chraika became a certified Sahara guide, solidifying his commitment to providing unparalleled experiences. Learn about his dedication to professionalism in reviews shared by his tour’s participants.

Hospitality in the dunes

Sharing desert stories and traditions

Chraika opens his home – the desert, to everyone, embodying the spirit of hospitality. Dive into captivating desert stories, rhythmic drum performances, soulful singing, and indulge in the most exquisite traditional nomadic meals.

Exploring Southern Morocco

Pathways, Stars, and Dunes

With Chraika as your guide, explore the intricate trails, gaze at the starry skies, and navigate the majestic sand dunes of Southern Morocco. Experience a personalized and unforgettable adventure through the eyes of a true desert connoisseur.

Your journey with Chraika begins

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